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All rates listed below are per track, based on a maximum of 6 minutes/track, and include up to 3 free revisions. Turnaround time is 3-5 business days, rush pricing is available upon request. All prices are in USD and do not include sales tax (where applicable). Please email me to discuss prices for film soundtracks or discounted rates for larger projects!



This includes a 'dry' DI track, an amp track, and a distortion/EFX track if applicable.  All tracks are delivered completely edited (and timed if requested) with mild compression and EQ, and are phase-aligned from bar 1, so you can just drop them in your session and go!



You will receive a mildly compressed/eq'd synth bass track (mono or stereo) with a second EFX track if applicable, all bounced from bar 1. The MIDI file of the performance can also be included if desired.



Included is an edited microphone track recorded with a Townsend Sphere modeling an Ocean Way U47.  The raw stereo file from the Townsend (which can be modeled to the mic of your choice using the free downloadable Townsend Modeling plugin) and/or the direct signal from a David Gage Realist pickup can also be included on demand.  All tracks are phase-coherent and bounced from bar 1 for easy insertion into your session.


Email for a Quote

If your project is a film score, involves more than 3 tracks at one time, or doesn't otherwise easily fit into the 'per-track' rate system, please feel free to email me to discuss the fee. I'm always interested in finding a way to make it work for both of us.

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